Angle drivers

Angle drivers are designed to help you reach tight spaces for drilling or screwdriving. At DART, our angle impact drivers feature a 25mm driver and magnetic bit holders to help loosen and tighten screws or fixings in the most inaccessible places. It's a much-needed tool every professional needs in their toolkit.

  • Helps you achieve the seemingly impossible.
  • Zinc alloy housing for high torque application.
  • Angle driver (ADB01) is suitable for up to 57Nm and the head rotates 360° enabling the user to access any tight space.
  • Mini Angle Driver is suitable for up to 40Nm.
  • Set is packaged in a metal box with a hinged lid and latch and includes 31 pieces of high-quality bits including PZ, PH, TORX and Flat bits.
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