SDS Plus Chisels

 Hardened steel hammer masonry chisels for general purpose applications.

  • SDS+ shank.

  • Hardened steel body for extra strength and reduced breakage.

  • Suitable for masonry, concrete and stone.


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DART SDS+ Flat Chisel - 20 x 250mm
Item No. SDSP2025 In stock
DART SDS+ Spade Chisel - 40 x 250mm
Item No. SDSP4025 In stock
DART SDS+ Bent Spade Chisel - 40 x 250mm
Item No. SDSPB4025 In stock
DART SDS+ Pointed Chisel - 250mm
Item No. SDSPP25 In stock
DART SDS+ U Type Chisel - U x 250mm
Item No. SDSPU25 In stock