Thin Kerf Gold TCT Wood Blades

Professional TCT Thin Kerf blades designed for cordless machines to reduce power drain

  • Quality blades featuring an Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) tooth configuration for the professional tradesman

  • Unique ‘Gold’ coating creates ultra low friction and wear resistance

  • Reamed bore ensures precise fit to spindle

  • Front bevel tooth form for a superior quality of cut

  • Suitable for use on rip saws

  • Anti-kickback for smooth action & safety during use

  • Body hardened and tempered to maintain trueness

  • Range includes blades from 120mm to 190mm diameter for coarse cutting through to fine cutting

  • Suitable for cutting softwood, hardwood, particle board, MDF, hardboard and plywood

  • Reducing rings available 

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DART Gold ATB Wood Saw Blade 120Dmm x 20B x 28Z
Item No. STK1202028 Out of stock
DART Gold ATB Wood Saw Blade 136Dmm x 20B x 20Z
Item No. STK1362020 Out of stock
DART Gold ATB Wood Saw Blade 150Dmm x 10B x 16Z
Item No. STK1501016 Out of stock
DART Gold ATB Wood Saw Blade 165Dmm x 16B x 24Z
Item No. STK1651624 Out of stock