Metal TCT Saw Blades

Our high-performing metal TCT saw blades feature tungsten carbide tips, making them perfectly adept for cutting through various metal materials.

Offering superior strength, tungsten carbide is two times stiffer than steel, allowing them to stay sharper for longer and providing a longer lifespan than other average saw blades. DART's TCT circular saw blades also feature a Triple Chip Ground (TCG) tooth configuration for fast and clean cuts. We supply a broad range of TCT blades in different sizes, suitable for projects of any size.

  • Anti-kick back tooth for smooth action and increased safety during use

  • Reamed bore ensures precise fit to spindle

  • Hardened steel body with lock embedded tungsten tip

  • Range includes blades from 136mm to 355mm diameter with 32 teeth to 72 teeth

  • Suitable for cutting construction steel, metal tube, U-steel, H-profiles and sheet metal cased insulation panels