Metal TCT Saw Blades

Quality TCT blades featuring a Triple Chip Ground (TCG) tooth configuration for fast and clean cuts in various metal sections

  • Anti-kick back tooth for smooth action and increased safety during use

  • Reamed bore ensures precise fit to spindle

  • Hardened steel body with lock embedded tungsten tip

  • Range includes blades from 136mm to 355mm diameter with 32 teeth to 72 teeth

  • Suitable for cutting construction steel, metal tube, U-steel, H-profiles and sheet metal cased insulation panels 

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DART Silver PMC Metal Blade 136Dmm x 20B x 32Z
Item No. PMC1362032 Out of stock
DART Silver PMC Metal Blade 165Dmm x 20B x 40Z
Item No. PMC1652040 Out of stock
DART Silver PMC Metal Blade 185Dmm x 30B x 38Z
Item No. PMC1853038 Out of stock