Quick Release Universal Arbor


Ultimate universal fit quick release arbor for all holesaws. 
Replaceable universal pilot drill which fits all brands of pilot drills. A1 + A2 collars available. 
Unique quick release system with easy locking for secure drilling.


What is a quick release arbor?

A quick-release arbor is an indispensable tool that facilitates the rapid and secure attachment and removal of holesaws. The primary purpose of a quick-release arbor is to save time and effort when changing holesawsduring a project.

How does a quick release arbor work?

The key to its functionality lies in its design, which allows for quick and tool-free changes. Here's how the DART universal quick-release arbor works.

Our quick-release arbor boasts universal compatibility, designed to seamlessly integrate with power drills from any brand. To use it, effortlessly insert the arbor into your drill driver and secure it firmly in place.

Quick-Release Mechanism:

The arbor is equipped with a rapid-release mechanism, employing a spring-loaded, easy lock system. This feature streamlines the process of changing holesaws, eliminating the need for tedious screwing and unscrewing before and after each use.

Attaching the Holesaw:

Collar Attachment: Begin by attaching the collar to the holesaw. We offer two collar options: A1 and A2, catering to different holesaw sizes. The A1 collar accommodates holesaws ranging from 14 to 30mm, while the A2 collar is designed for holesaws spanning 32 to 210mm. For frequently used holesaws, it's advisable to keep a dedicated collar, as repeated heavy use may make removal challenging.

Collar Insertion: After securely fastening the holesaw and collar together, insert the collar into the arbor. Align the indents on the collar with those on the arbor. The collar features a groove that aligns with the arbor's grip.

Securing the Holesaw: To firmly secure the holesaw, push the spring-loaded arbor upward, twist it to the right, and release. The collar will lock securely into the arbor.

Ready for Use:

Once the collar is fully inserted into the arbor, your arbor and holesaw assembly is ready for action. Operate your drill driver as usual, and rest assured that the holesaw and collar will remain securely in place within the arbor.

Releasing the Holesaw:

After completing your task, releasing the holesaw and collar is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:

Release Procedure: Push the spring-loaded arbor upward, twist it to the left, and then release. This disengages the arbor's grip on the collar.

Removal: The collar will audibly click out of place from the arbor, allowing for easy removal.

These straightforward steps ensure a professional and efficient experience when using our quick-release arbor system.

What are the advantages of using DART’s quick release arbor?

Using a quick-release arbor offers several advantages, including ease of use, versatility, time efficiency, improved safety and cost savings.

Do quick release arbors require maintenance?

Keep the collar and arbor free from dust/material so it doesn't get clogged up and make it harder to secure the collar to the arbor. You must also keep the arbor lubricated.

Is DART’s quick release arbor suitable for heavy duty applications?

The quick release arbor is suitable for heavy duty applications and is made from the highest quality. The collar is  likely to get jammed at times on the holesaw, this is to be expected.

Collars are available in 3pk’s to put on all common sizes of holesaw, so you never have to remove them from the holesaw.