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Your DART orders can help those affected by mental health problems

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Support for hard-hit individuals and businesses in our sector

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Your DART orders can change children's lives.

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Spend with us, and we'll donate to charities that support hard hit trades

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Construction, Covid-19 and mental health

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Supporting the construction industry in the fight against Covid-19

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DART Partners with Lighthouse Club for a Brighter, More Hopeful Black Friday
DART's Pledge to Support the Lighthouse Club

Here at DART, we recognise that behind the towering skyscrapers and winding motorways lies an army of unsung heroes—the construction workers who shape our cities. But whilst they toil tirelessly so our communities can thrive, many face unseen battles with mental health issues and financial struggles.

We asked ourselves: who is there to support these builders when they are the ones now in need of support? We wanted to step up, so we have partnered with the Lighthouse Club charity.

Together, we are working to transform the culture of construction for the better by prioritising worker wellbeing. As Nicola Campbell, Lighthouse Club's passionate Regional Ambassador told us, caring for crews isn't just ethical—it’s essential for safety and excellence in our industry.

We couldn’t agree more. By offering critical assistance like a 24/7 crisis line, counselling, rehab and bereavement support, Lighthouse Club saves lives. With two UK construction workers lost to suicide each day, compassionate care is desperately needed.
DART shares Lighthouse Club’s mission to reshape our field for the better. This Black Friday marks the start of our ongoing commitment to the health and safety of UK builders.

DART's Black Friday Deal to Support Lighthouse Club

This Black Friday season, we’re running a special charity promotion from November 20th-30th to aid struggling construction workers through Lighthouse Club.
When you purchase DART’s quality drill bits and accessories on the biggest shopping day of the year, 1% of proceeds will be donated to Lighthouse Club’s fund for their vital services assisting crews in need.

Your purchases of DART tools will act as a beacon of hope for builders battling mental health issues and financial crises. Little do shoppers know that while they tick items off their shopping lists, they are lifting up construction workers struggling silently behind the scenes.

This Black Friday, you can join team DART in our mission to support construction crews. Together, we have immense power to create change. When we join forces to help the people working tirelessly in the shadows, our cities grow ever stronger.